Graduate Assistants

Lilly Briggs

Specializations: The impacts of environmental education and sense of place on environmentally-responsible behaviors among Q'eqchi' Maya women of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Dylan Bugden

Specializations: Public perceptions and behaviors toward energy development; social psychology and pro-environmental behavior; application and development of "sense of place" theory.

Ted Lawrence

Specializations: International development and natural resource conservation in Latin America, specifically Yucatan, Mexico; Coupled human and natural systems; Common-pool resource regimes; Landscape ecology and eco-agriculture.

Yoke Lee Lee

Specializations: Social-ecological systems focusing on ecosystem-approach to fisheries management, artisanal/small-scale fisheries, and poverty in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia; destructive fishing practices related to live reef fish trade (LRFT) and artisanal fisher behavior.

Yue Li

Specializations: Development of professional networks among environmental educators through online and face-to-face activities to foster practice innovation in environmental education.

Nirav Patel

Specializations: Role of community perception, specifically the attitudes of educators and students towards Renewable Energy Systems and its impact on assessing Renewable Energy Literacy.